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How We Serve

Starwire's software services deliver Web content management tools to organizations over the Internet to enable them to create, maintain, syndicate, and exchange content across sites within Web-based networks. Our services give dynamic control of content across multiple Web properties and provide a managed infrastructure for both public and private networked communities.

How It Works

The front-end usability enables your organization to leverage its current human resources and knowledge base to utilize technology that would normally be out of reach. Within a Web-based application, Starwire provides a comprehensive workflow solution with scalable role assignments for users. The interface allows digital assets to be created, imported, stored, and manipulated within a central repository with unprecedented ease and flexibility.

Our software services allow your company to outsource in areas that are not part of your core competencies yet enable you to take control of your Internet presence, accelerate speed to market, reduce up-front capital costs, and provide scalability for business opportunities and growth. It also means that your organization will have access to a Web-based application that will perpetually be managed, updated and supported by Starwire.

Networked Communities
Starwire Interlink has various applications across multiple industry segments, each with specific sets of needs. Although no two networks will look the same, these graphics identify some basic features and show example network structures. Starwire can help you customize the right solution according to your organization’s structure and vision.


Content Management Coordinating the collaboration, distribution, and control of content items within an interface that is delivered over the Internet through a standard browser.

Dynamic Site Publishing    Serving content from a database into its Web site display destination in real-time across all instances.

Network Syndication Simultaneous publication and distribution of content (e.g. articles, news, or images) to multiple Web sites for an association of people or firms formed to engage in enterprise or to promote a common interest.

Managed Infrastructure Hardware architecture, security, and content delivery networks that are supported by Starwire instead of the clients.

Software as a Service Subscribing to or renting of an application that is delivered over the Internet without requiring in-house architecture, similar to an ASP model.  No installation or upgrade involvement for the user.

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