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Software as a Service

Starwire Corporation -  

- Customized accessibility
- Web-based interface
- Real-time updates without user’s interaction
- Greater control and security
- Ability to compete at greater levels
- Reduces up-front development cost
- Freedom to focus on competencies

To date, most software solutions have confined “one size fits all” usability to a disk or CD, which also involves installation on specific machines. However, users require customized accessibility no matter where they are or what computer they are using - without losing or compromising the features central to their role. In addition, the application needs the right infrastructure in place to accommodate the robust requirements of content management, dynamic site production, and network syndication.

Traditional software applications are limited and can become costly, especially over the life of the product. Upgrades exhaust resources, not only because of the time involved for the user but also for IT departments trying to keep up with the growing complexity of content management. It’s time to change. Software has a new format now, and it is available over the Internet.

Starwire provides software as a service to non-profit organizations, associations, franchises, distributed companies, media, and publishing companies to enable management of Web-based networks. The simple, secure interface enables organizations to leverage their current human resources and existing expertise to utilize technology capabilities that would normally be out of reach. Starwire maintains the application and performs real-time enhancements and updates without the end-user’s involvement.

As a Web-based application, Starwire Interlink provides a comprehensive workflow solution with scalable role assignment for users. IT managers need greater control of their software deployment and network. Starwire clients can assign the level of the application they want their employees and collaborators to use. The interface allows content to be created, imported, stored, and edited within a central repository with unprecedented ease and flexibility. Interlink operates within an infrastructure that optimizes dynamic delivery of multimedia content assets into specific layout destinations throughout networked sites anywhere in the world.

Annual subscriptions to Starwire Interlink enable IT managers to predict cash flow and avoid up-front fixed costs and variable maintenance expenditures. Interlink integrates quickly, increases speed to market, and gives organizations the freedom to focus resources on enhancing their core competencies.


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