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Web Content Management

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- Independently stored with metadata
- Real-time editing
- Network content searching
- XML content porting
- Automatic content archiving
- Media management and storage
- Administration
- Workflow

Starwire Interlink creates and stores content with flexibility and scalability by treating every content item as an independent digital asset with several associated elements (metadata required for sorting) and manages it independently of display. For example, organizations may pick and choose which parts of the content to show and customize its look once it is on a site. Content is published dynamically to Web sites. Therefore once syndicated content has been changed, the update will be reflected in real-time across every instance of the content no matter where it is published.

All content is saved to a central content repository and is easily retrieved through dynamic sorting and aggregate search features. Therefore, content does not have to be on a site in order to be managed or found during network searches. In addition, Interlink accommodates customized XML porting into the repository to assist organizations with faster integration and speed to market.

Starwire Interlink serves as a secure archive of all your content items. Organizations have the flexibility to remove content from all sites without losing it or having to create backup files. History and status changes are clearly noted at all times as content items are moved through editing and approval procedures in preparation for publishing to Web pages.

Starwire Interlink includes a Media Manager that stores several different file formats, (e.g. pdf, doc, swf, ppt, rm, jpeg, gif, and more). All images are held in the Media Manager with the option of syndicating them throughout the network to make them available for publishing or download on multiple Interlink sites. In addition, every user may personalize their files in a separate folder.

Starwire clients exercise administrative control over their network by giving diverse groups of personnel individual access, regardless of the users’ technical background. The workflow solution gives collaborating users customized accessibility to the tools by allowing administrators to assign individual roles. An unlimited number of users may be assigned one or more of these specific roles.

Interlink may be customized with third-party tools to include syndicated news content, email, chat, calendar and audio/video streaming. Additional roles may be created specifically to manage newly integrated tools (e.g. email manager and calendar manager).


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