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Dynamic Site Publishing

Starwire Corporation -  

- Customized Network templates
- Flexible content placement
- Content stored independently
- Secure in database
- Syndication
- Network channels

Interlink includes a simple, quick-step process for building a Web page, which is expandable for a sophisticated, multi-layered and fully-functional corporate Web site.  The WYSIWYG editing tool allows corrections and updates to Web channels and pages at any time.  The layout tools are completely controlled by the end user, using a system of expandable columns and multiple rows.  An unlimited number of rows can be deployed on any page - adding or deleting at any time.

Network-specific templates are also useful for coordinating the looks of several Web sites.  Page headers can be designed and edited using images and text prepared directly in the system.  Display banners with fully editable text and background colors can be applied to any row or individual content block.  

Content on a page can be quickly and easily moved to any other position on a page with a few clicks. A clipboard feature provides a personal, portable file of selected content items for quick retrieval and display anywhere on the site. Global content blocks display selected content on all pages of a Web site.  Regardless of where it is or how it looks, content may always be corrected or updated immediately in the layout process or back in the editing tool.  

Organizations may create channels and make them available to all sites within the network.  The Channel Manager feature establishes the structure for an unlimited number of pages within a single Web site.  An option for “registered users” and “staff only” password-protected channels is included.  Entire channels and even an entire Web site can be launched or hidden with a single action.    

All content and layout customizations are secure in a database and protected from the inside out.  Networks are protected against the outside with firewalls and appropriate hardware and on the inside by establishing users roles and workflow administration.  Since content is stored completely independent of display options, attributes may be modified individually at the discretion of the layout publisher or site administrator.  Various attributes can be edited for display purposes only without changing the originally stored data.


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