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Managed Network Infrastructure

Starwire Corporation -  

- 24/7 supported IT architecture
- Reduced technology costs
- Focus on core business
- Oracle databases
- Akamai™ and CacheFlow® content delivery
- Distributed streaming network with Activate™
- Leading-edge Security
- Geographic redundancy and load balancing

When choosing a content management system, most organizations fail to consider the additional hardware and infrastructure support costs.  In most cases, companies focus a majority of their IT budget on hiring content management development staff, defining syndication relationships, supporting infrastructure and migrating content, which leaves the remainder to cover building or acquiring the actual content management tools.  In contrast, Starwire Interlink offers a comprehensive content management solution that includes complete, 24/7 management and support of best-of-breed IT infrastructure.

Typically, a company’s Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) evaluation for network architecture may include licenses to sustain hardware and software relationships.  Starwire clients benefit from cost savings by subscribing to an established infrastructure.  Since Starwire manages the IT infrastructure, organizations are empowered to focus resources on mission-critical operations instead of diverting valuable funds towards developing and managing technology.

Starwire understands the complexities of infrastructure TCO.  After careful evaluation and significant investment, Starwire has established relationships with several leading companies to guarantee that the highest quality software services are available to its clients.  Subscribing organizations benefit from a secure, efficient network infrastructure that is managed around the clock to ensure optimized content delivery into dynamically driven Web sites.  

Starwire’s software services incorporate best of breed solutions from such brands as Microsoft®, Sun®, Red Hat™, Dell®, and Oracle®.  We have chosen leading vendors such as Akamai™, Activate™, and CacheFlow® to ensure superior performance of content delivery.  

Starwire’s scalable network architecture is built upon layers of security and the combined strengths of additional solutions.  Starwire Interlink uses Cisco®, Pix and Nokia® to provide leading-edge security and protection against intrusion.  F5® provides local and wide-area load balancing with geographic redundancy.  AboveNet™ and Qwest® provide secure, collocation hosting facilities for Starwire’s managed infrastructure.


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