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Network Syndication

Starwire Corporation -  

- Dynamic distribution to multiple sites
- Real-time editing
- Synchronized publishing
- Network channels
- Network publications

Today’s ebusiness strategies require solutions that go beyond basic content management tools.  Organizations need the ability to coordinate and manage large quantities of perpetually changing content across multiple locations and Web properties in real-time.  Content needs to be synchronized yet flexible enough to be customized within several different Web sites without losing its integrity.

Starwire clients may syndicate network channels, publications, and independent content items to any Web site within a networked community. Channels consist of a collection of Web pages containing several content elements that relate to a common topic, like news.  A publication is a specific content item on a Web page that cycles through selected content in its specific layout destination according to a schedule.

Publications work in harmony with the content repository to deliver aggregate content items into designated layout areas.  Content is displayed according to customized attributes, and a time-release feature allows the user to coordinate a series of published content items to display according to a predetermined schedule.  

All content is pulled from the database and published dynamically to Web sites according to customized layout attributes.  Any approved changes to content will immediately be published to the Web site.  Therefore, once a content item is marked for syndication and changed, the update will be immediately reflected in every instance of the content no matter where it is published.


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